Making Waves

Going to the beach isn't only relaxing it can also be fun for everyone. So gather up your friends and family, follow these safety rules, and have some beach fun!

Enjoying the beach this summer is a great opportunity for movement and silliness with family and friends. Here are some tips parents can use to make everyone’s beach play safe and fun!


  1. Never let your toddler out of arm’s length.
  2. All kids should wear life jackets on docks, in boats and in open water.
  3. Don’t overestimate your kids’ abilities; adult supervision is needed well into the tween years.
  4. Take breaks for water snacks and sun block reapplication.
  5. Don’t use float suits or float toys to replace close adult supervision of little ones.
  6. Good water shoes or old sneakers make water play like Frisbee or volleyball much more fun.


  1. Pack buckets and garden tools, spoons, and other everyday kitchen items to use for sand play.
  2. Rock collecting and sand building are great alternatives to swimming should kids lose interest or tire.
  3. A Frisbee, a $2 rubber ball, or a badminton racket can be great to pack for the beach; a simple line in the sand is as good as a net.
  4. Old milk jugs with their tops cut off make great sand castle moulds.
  5. A simple $10 float raft can mean hours of wrestling and a great potential target for jumping off the dock.
  6. Marco Polo is even more fun with parents!
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