Buddy Ball

How to Play

  • Select 5 players to have a ball which they can easily pass to other players to catch. 
  • Select 3 other players to be ‘it’ who try to tag as many of the players without a ball as possible.
  • Play begins like a game of tag. Once a player is tagged they must stand still (frozen) with arms out showing they are ready to catch a ball.
  • A player with a ball stands in front of the ‘frozen player’ and passes the ball to them to free the player.
  • The player who caught the ball now goes looking for other ‘frozen players’ to pass the ball to and free them. The player who has the ball now joins the rest of the group in the game of tag.
  • Frequently change the players that are ‘it.’
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Today we're celebrating the #SummerSolstice and #InternationalYogaDay Yoga is an awesome way to help kids develop important physical and mental skills - and it can be easily adapted for all ages and abilities! For younger children, keep practices short and use stories and familiar animals or objects as cues for them to mimic with their poses. For older kids, try building to some more challenging balancing poses or turn inwards to focus on the stress-relieving benefits of the practice. #activekids #yoga

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