Hide & Seek


  • Mark the milk caps with numbers. (Number 5 of the caps #1, another 5 caps #2, another 5 #3 and so on).
  • Form rows using the containers at one end of the gym. Each row to have 5 containers. The number of rows and containers used will vary on the number of players. For example if you have 6 rows with 5 containers in each row you will need 30 containers.
  • Randomly place a numbered milk cap under each container being used, not sorting by row.

How to Play:

  • Form rows of 3 to 4 players at one end of the gym with the rows of containers at the other half of the gym
  • If milk caps are numbered up to 6 and have 6 rows of players. If the milk caps are numbered up to 8 then have 8 rows of students.
  • Assign each row of students a number.
  • One player per row will then run to any container in any row, look at the milk cap under the container to see if the milk cap has their assigned number on it. If it does than the player takes the milk cap and places it in front of their row. If that milk cap does not have the assigned number than they place it back under the container for the next player who may look under it.
  • You can speed up play by having players turn over the container once the milk cap has been found.
  • The first team with all of their milk caps wins.
  • To quickly restart another round have the players turn over all of the containers to see where milk caps are remaining. Then have one player per row run out to place the milk cap found in the previous round under an empty container and turn all the containers back over to hide the milk caps. Be sure to assign each group a new number to seek out.
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