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This is the place to learn more about how we operate, what we are doing to support physical activity across Canada, and how generous contributions are making a difference in the lives of Canadian children.

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A Shocking Diagnosis

Mady Carter was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 18 months old. Now, 12 years later, she is still medication-free due to her physical activity levels, and healthy diet.

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Health Breaks at School

Many schools throughout Canada have adopted the “Balanced School Day”, where instead of a traditional lunch hour, children are given two shorter “health breaks”. This schedule was implemented without any …

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The Full Package

Once you put all of these ideas together you will get the full package for health and wellness – while keeping the throw away packaging off of your food!

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Dedication and Preparation

There’s a lot of work that goes into preparing for a Fitness and Bodybuilding show. It’s hard when you’re doing 2 events that both require training and routines. Luckily, a …

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Secret Superfoods

Eating even small amounts of these foods on a regular basis are associated with exceptional health outcomes and disease prevention.

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The Most Important Meal

If you get “the goods” in early your body will be very happy. Even if you’re the type of person that really isn’t that hungry in the morning, at the very least have a green juice or a glass of water with some lemon and a piece of fruit, and maybe even a handful of nuts.

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Get creative and make food fun!

In my recent Yummy cooking class that focused on Kid-Friendly recipes, the menu was designed with simplicity and creativity in mind.

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Nicky’s favourite part of dance class? The performance! He’s a true showman, relishing the chance to show off all the new skills he’s learned. “It’s definitely the highlight for him,” explains Scott. Nicky is an enthusiastic 10-year-old with Down syndrome, who loves to express himself through movement. The first time Nicky tried his new Wii Dance system, his passion became even clearer and his parents became determined to support him exploring his love of dance. Propeller Dance prides themselves on offering opportunities for all children and was the perfect fit for Nicky. With live music for each and every class, he learned the power of creative movement and expression, including the use of space, time, and composition. And with dancers of all abilities in the same class, the kids in the program must continuously work together, adapt, and learn from one another. The result? A caring and understanding environment where Nicky can thrive and be himself. For four years, Nicky has been learning new ways to be creative, has developing innovative dance moves, and enjoying a new outlet for expressing himself. And just as important, he’s made tons of new friends who he gets to connect with every week. On top of being active and having tons of fun, Nicky’s family has seen many positive changes in other areas of his life. His ability to focus and take instructions have improved and he's learned how to take turns. As a seasoned dance expert, Nicky has become a leader in his class - Bravo! #FEELYOURIMPACT

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