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Morgan inspires many to challange themselves

Cycling instructor Morgan Moodley inspires and coaches Grimsby's 8 hour Spin4kids Participants

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GLKF Grant Recipient- KidsAbility SkateAble Program

KidsAbility and Trillium Skating Academy have partnered to offer an adaptive ice skating program to children with special needs known as SkateABLE. Offered in Kitchener, Ontario, this program is the first of its kind in Canada.

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GLKF Grant Recipient- Peterborough Pedal Power

A mid-term update from Brianna Salmon, Manager of Transportation Programs at Peterborough GreenUP

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Curtis' Epic Journey to Help Kids Get Active

On Sunday August 17th, Curt Hamilton will swim 17km across the Northumberland Straight in support of GoodLife Kids Foundation and Brigadoon Village. We sat down with him to see what inspires him and how he's preparing for what will be a memorable summer

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Passion for Family & Physical Activity

My name is Jenny and I love bringing the positive feeling of physical activity into other people's lives every day.

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Hugh Cairns V.C. School, Saskatchewan- Saskatoon

Expanding and enriching the physical education program for students in kindergarten to grade 6 is the goal

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Girls on the Run, British Columbia

Girls on the Run arms girls with the tools and life-skills they need to overcome challenges with gossip, bullying and body images

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Forest Glen School, New Brunswick- Moncton

Teacher at Forest Glen School in Moncton have found an active and fun way to help children learn

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John, New Brunswich

Girls find inner strength in numbers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saint John

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- ErinoakKids, Ontario- Mississauga

For many kids, learning to ride a bike for the first time is a pivotal moment. Now imagine how significant it is for a kid with a disability

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Victor Lauriston Public School, Ontario- Chatham

As Canadians, many of us take ice-skating for granted. Hockey is our national sport, but we forget there are kids who can’t afford the basic equipment, including skates and helmets.

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- 'NSTEP, Alberta- Calgary & Edmonton

'NSTEP's goal is to prevent childhood obesity

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Nicky’s favourite part of dance class? The performance! He’s a true showman, relishing the chance to show off all the new skills he’s learned. “It’s definitely the highlight for him,” explains Scott. Nicky is an enthusiastic 10-year-old with Down syndrome, who loves to express himself through movement. The first time Nicky tried his new Wii Dance system, his passion became even clearer and his parents became determined to support him exploring his love of dance. Propeller Dance prides themselves on offering opportunities for all children and was the perfect fit for Nicky. With live music for each and every class, he learned the power of creative movement and expression, including the use of space, time, and composition. And with dancers of all abilities in the same class, the kids in the program must continuously work together, adapt, and learn from one another. The result? A caring and understanding environment where Nicky can thrive and be himself. For four years, Nicky has been learning new ways to be creative, has developing innovative dance moves, and enjoying a new outlet for expressing himself. And just as important, he’s made tons of new friends who he gets to connect with every week. On top of being active and having tons of fun, Nicky’s family has seen many positive changes in other areas of his life. His ability to focus and take instructions have improved and he's learned how to take turns. As a seasoned dance expert, Nicky has become a leader in his class - Bravo! #FEELYOURIMPACT

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