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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Kennedy House Youth Services, Ontario- Scarborough

For many kids in high-risk urban areas, a community after school program is the only opportunity they have to spend time with friends, be active and get support with their homework

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Win 4 Kids Finalist- Antigonish Baseball Association & Town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia

Kids with special needs take to the field with Antigonish Challenger Baseball

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A little spinning goes a long way to helping kids get active

Each year, thousands of riders take part in the event from coast to coast, pedaling from one to eight hours to raise money for local organizations that help kids be more active.

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Spin4Kids Fundraising 101

Now that you've registered for Spin4Kids the next step is to start fundraising. Not sure where to begin? GoodLife Kids Foundation has some fundraising tips and ideas to get you on your way to raising money.

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Why I Spin4Kids

Guest columnist Nancy from Grimsby talks about her personal experience and passion for Spin4Kids

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What is Spin4Kids

What started in 2011 with a group of friends raising funds on their spin bikes in St. John's is now the largest one-day spin-a-thon in the country...Spin4Kids.

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No one wants summer to end, but life goes on and to soon you find yourself back at work or sitting behind your desk at school.

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This year, let's double it!

GoodLife Kids Foundation has set an AUDACIOUS goal. Spin4Kids 2014 is going to raise $1 million on March 1st. Huge, aspirational, slightly crazy. All of this is true, but we believe we can do it.

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A Healthy Good Life for Students

Students of St. Anne and St. Robert Catholic Schools in London ON are helping researchers find better ways to prevent childhood obesity by participating in the Nutrition Ignition! Program.

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A 1-on-1 with Dr. Dick Barter – National Chair of Spin4Kids

On top of his involvement with the Spin4Kids event, Dick Barter is an Emergency Room Doctor, teaches 3-5 Group Exercises classes a week, is philanthropic, and a family man.

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Win 4 Kids

WIN 4 KIDS is a social media contest that will give GoodLife Members and Associates the opportunity to tell GoodLife Kids Foundation (GLKF) about an organization or program in the community that should receive GLKF funds. There’s $100,000 to be shared between nine organizations/programs across Canada getting kids physically active!

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TEAM = Success at Windsor/Chatham Spin4Kids

Wow! Our 2013 Windsor/Chatham Spin4Kids was an unbelievable hit for everyone - participants, volunteers, sponsors, and onlookers. With a dedicated organizing TEAM, we completely exceeded our expectations. What an absolutely fantastic day!

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Nicky’s favourite part of dance class? The performance! He’s a true showman, relishing the chance to show off all the new skills he’s learned. “It’s definitely the highlight for him,” explains Scott. Nicky is an enthusiastic 10-year-old with Down syndrome, who loves to express himself through movement. The first time Nicky tried his new Wii Dance system, his passion became even clearer and his parents became determined to support him exploring his love of dance. Propeller Dance prides themselves on offering opportunities for all children and was the perfect fit for Nicky. With live music for each and every class, he learned the power of creative movement and expression, including the use of space, time, and composition. And with dancers of all abilities in the same class, the kids in the program must continuously work together, adapt, and learn from one another. The result? A caring and understanding environment where Nicky can thrive and be himself. For four years, Nicky has been learning new ways to be creative, has developing innovative dance moves, and enjoying a new outlet for expressing himself. And just as important, he’s made tons of new friends who he gets to connect with every week. On top of being active and having tons of fun, Nicky’s family has seen many positive changes in other areas of his life. His ability to focus and take instructions have improved and he's learned how to take turns. As a seasoned dance expert, Nicky has become a leader in his class - Bravo! #FEELYOURIMPACT

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