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This is the place to learn more about how we operate, what we are doing to support physical activity across Canada, and how generous contributions are making a difference in the lives of Canadian children.

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Grant giving makes a difference

It sounds funny to say that giving out money is a hard job, but although rewarding, it’s actually really difficult.

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All Kids Benefit From Physical Activity

Getting children with special needs active is a formidable and important challenge. They have significantly higher rates of obesity and lower levels of physical activity.

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KidsAbilty Moves Kids

Children with special needs encounter barriers to learning and mastering sport skills, resulting in frustration with physical activities, and fewer opportunities for participation

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GoodLife Kids Foundation Helps Kids Step Into Action

PAHL Step Into Action was created to promote healthy active living to Special Olympics athletes and students across Ontario.

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"Your dreams are coming true. Don't quit before the miracle occurs."

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Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run (GOTR) is a positive youth development program which combines training for a non-competitive 5k run/walk with an interactive curriculum to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles of 8-13 year old girls.

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The Darylizer

Meet Teacher Daryl "the Darylizer" Lesyshyn. The Darylizer? What else woudl you call someone who energizes and mentors others to get kids active.

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Arame Soba Noodle Salad

Using kamut or buckwheat noodles is a nutritious way to get some extra fibre into this recipe

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What is physical literacy and why is it important?

Lately, there has been lots of talk about the importance of physical literacy to the health of Canadian children- but what is it and why is it important?

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Golden Morning Granola & Chocolate Super Smoothie

Two delicious recipes to start your day off right.

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Never give up – no matter what. Always fight.

I have always heard about cancer. I have friends whose parents have died from cancer. It affected me then but in such a different way.

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Who do you surround yourself with?

How the people around us influence our choices is a fascinating thing.

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On this final day of #NationalVolunteerWeek, we'd like to introduce you to one of our all-stars. Dr. Dick Barter is a force to be reckoned with. An emergency room physician and group fitness instructor, Dick knows the importance of physical activity in children's' lives. He is the man behind #Spin4Kids - the fundraiser started in St. John's, NL and has since inspired others event locations across the country to rally behind our cause. Under Dick's leadership over the years, the St. John's event alone has raised nearly $700,000 and is always a big party! Dick's passion has been key to bringing us to the next level... he truly is a man with a plan 🌟 #NVW2017 #VolunteeringEh? #Gratitude

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