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By GoodLife Kids on 08/04/2016

April is Autism Awareness Month
and we have a VIP we'd like you to meet:

 Jamie boy with autism

GoodLife Kids Foundation is proud to be the official charity partner of GoodLife Fitness City Chase, Canada's largest urban adventure series. When you pledge your Chase to GoodLife Kids Foundation as a #FUNdraisingChaser, you make it possible for children like Jamie living with autism to overcome the barriers preventing them from being physically active.
Jamie is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder several years ago. He's always been interested in sports, but his deficits in social skills left him on the sidelines when he saw other kids playing.

Through the Sports for All Sorts group, Jamie has now learned to play all different types of sports. "I loved the sports group," says Jamie. "I played baseball and hockey and learned how to hit a home run! I have also met lots of friends."

Last season, Chasers helped GoodLife Kids Foundation provide funding for the Sports of All Sorts program run through the Geneva Centre for Autism in Toronto. The Geneva Centre is just one of the many charities that GoodLife Kids Foundation supports. 

In addition to finally being able to participate, the program made it possible for Jamie to work on the social skills he needs so that he can play in other community settings, such as at school and on local teams.

You can have fun AND make a difference in the life of a child through this year's Chase series. Every $285 that you raise helps GoodLife Kids Foundation  fund physical activity programs that have a huge positive impact on Canadian kids living with autism. Let's make it so that all kids can play!

Register and start your fundraising today! Get off to a good start - use the links below and $5 of your registration fee will be donated to GoodLife Kids Foundation:

GoodLife Fitness City Chase and GoodLife Kids Foundation:
Working together so all kids can play. #FUNdraisingchaser
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