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By GoodLife Kids on 30/11/2016

As the weather turns cold, we’re here to warm your heart! This story is brought to you by one of over 70 passionate GoodLife4Kids Coaches who bring fitness, dance, and yoga to grade 4 classes at partner schools across Canada with the GoodLife4Kids School Program.

I have a student at my partner school, Erik, who has Autism. He's high-functioning but has a number of issues all the same, including following direction for use in gross motor skills. 

Recently, I told my partner teacher that the exercise of the week was going to be lunges. She thought maybe I could just have Erik hop or something. "Both legs working in opposition? There's no way…" But we agreed that he's integrated in the classroom for a reason and to just leave it out there for him to see and that maybe one day he would pick it up.


He rocked the lunges at first go. 

The look on my partner teacher's face… She stood shocked, "How is this happening? Did I miss you saying something to him?"

"Nope. I instructed the class, told them we need to know this new exercise to play Robot Tag and started them on practising it."

Erik’s EA showered him with praises and that made the boy work even harder. Erik was fully immersed in our tag game where he played it perfectly -  followed rules and behaved just like his classmates who really, really enjoyed having him participate as fully as he did.

It got pretty sweaty in class that day. Erik made the comment in dismissal line, "The classroom is going to smell like a monkey house!" That got his classmates - and us adults - howling. 

On my next visit to the school, the EA took me before I met with the children. He said, "I've been working with Erik for a while. I don't know if it's just perfect alchemy or if fitness was the key, but something's been unlocked in him. Something joyful." 

After the "monkey house" class, Erik told his EA that his face felt itchy. "That's sweat, Erik. Why don't you splash some water on you and see if that makes you feel better?" When he saw his reflection in the mirror, Erik noticed that his cheeks were rosy. He told his EA, "I look like all the kids in the class. I have red faces like them. I'm the same!"

We can't wait to see what else is coming Erik's way this school year. 



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