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By GoodLife Kids on 09/02/2017

If you’re looking for an example of a group that has truly embraced what it means to participate in Spin4Kids as a team, look no further. Meet The Holy Spagnoli Spinners from Halifax – a group whose spirit and friendly competition has led them to incredible success, both in their fundraising and in building new friendships!


Back in 2015, Team Captain and spin instructor Nicolle brought together a group of 21 individuals to take part in Spin4Kids, filling three teams. For The Holy Spagnoli Spinners, being on the team isn’t just about riding together on event day. They embrace the group dynamic with friendly competition and support each other as they work toward a common goal – and boy has it paid off! In just two years, The Holy Spagnoli Spinners raised over $17,000 to help get kids active, claiming a place among top fundraisers nationwide.

Here are some great fundraising ideas:

  • Fundraising challenges: Team members compete in time-limited fundraising challenges (e.g., over the course of one week) to win a prize that another team member has donated.
  • Workplace fundraising: Coworkers who donate $20+ get a thank you jar of homemade granola from the participant for a healthy snack - with the recipe so they can always make more!
  • Special events: Host a social gathering with entrance by donation. Game night for $10, anyone? 

In addition to their fundraising success, the team has created lasting friendships. Team members from different clubs stay in touch via social media, enjoy meeting up for classes throughout the year, wearing their custom Holy Spagnoli shirts proudly.

The Holy Spagnoli energy is infectious, and this year the group has DOUBLED in size, with over 40 participants across 6 teams! To bring team members together, the group also takes time out for some fun social time. This year, they plan to try out axe throwing as a fun activity and a chance for team members to mingle and get to know each other. They’re also voting on a design for this year’s team shirts.

Although your team may not be as wild as The Holy Spagnoli Spinners, we hope you can take some lessons from their success to try in your own group.

Haven’t registered your team yet? There’s still time!
Visit www.spin4kids.com to find an event location near you. 

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