This year, let's double it!

By Silken Laumann on 02/10/2015

silkenMain.jpgGoodLife Kids Foundation has set an AUDACIOUS goal.  Spin4Kids 2014 is going to raise $1 million on March 1st.   Huge, aspirational, slightly crazy.  All of this is true, but we believe we can do it.  Last year we raised over 500k in the 2nd year of the event.  This year, let’s double it! There are many factors behind this number.  We’re in the 3rd year of the Spin4Kids fundraiser.  We have full support of GoodLife Fitness.  We have more and more members coming forward to volunteer their energy and talents.  We have board members who are engaged and giving of their time, money and corporate connections.

I’m all for setting audacious goals.  After all, how do we know where the limits are if we don’t push a little past them?  If we fail then we just have a little more information about what’s possible.  I guarantee you that setting realistic goals is a great way to fall below our human potential.  Why?  We all have deeply embedded beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. These beliefs are rarely positive; we usually underestimate our talents and abilities.  In fact most of us spend enormous amounts of time obsessing about our weaknesses and failures rather than gaining momentum by considering our successes and how much more is possible. We can get so critical of our own positive interactions in the world, forgetting that small actions of kindness and generosity do matter. They certainly matter to Josh, a young boy with special needs who has learned to skate through the KidsAbility SkateAble program.  This program was made possible for Josh and 100 other children through funds raised by Spin4Kids.

The mindset that tells us we can’t make a difference, the problem is too big, we’re to insignificant, stops us from even trying. If we’re going to make a difference in the lives of others, we can’t afford to breed this kind of apathy.  We live in an amazing country where so much is possible. Bring your creativity, passion and effort to the table and you’ll find support. 

If each GoodLife Fitness member donated $2 for Spin4Kids we’d surpass our goal of $1 million.  If each club raised $3,000 we’d exceed our goals.  If each person who works for GoodLife Fitness raises $80 we would raise a million dollars.  Ok, you get the idea.  We have the power of numbers, a huge club system where a little bit really can add up to an inspiring amount. 

WE may not cure cancer, or beat the obesity epidemic in one foul swoop, but we will certainly better the life of a young person, showing them we care and that they matter.  We can spread the impact of what we already believe, that being active matters, that moving our bodies is a gateway to a healthy body, spirit and mind.  We can share our passion and knowledge with the population that most needs to experience it; our kids. I know that the programs we fund are building hope and optimism in young people.  Please be AUDACIOUS this coming year.


P.S. Did you know that $1 million has the potential to get 20,000 Canadian kids active?  That’s a lot of kids moving toward a fit and healthy good life.

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