Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for a GoodLife Kids Foundation Grant?

    To apply for a grant please complete the Grant Application here.  It will be submitted to GoodLife Kids Foundation electronically when you have completed it.

  2. Is there a specific time frame to apply for a grant?

    Our deadline dates change annually.  Please refer to the dates identified on the main Grant Program page.

  3. How do I know if our organization qualifies to receive a grant from GoodLife Kids Foundation?

    Organizations that qualify for a GoodLife Kids Foundation grant are:

    • Registered charity
    • Other qualified donees as identified under the Income Tax Act (Canada)
    • Elementary schools

    If your organization fits one of these criteria, please refer to our list of Organizations & Initiatives Outside of Program Guidelines list to view the kinds of organizations our Grant Program does not support.

  4. Our organization is a non-profit, do we qualify?

    Organizations that are non-profits but not Registered Charities do not qualify for a GoodLife Kids Foundation grant.

  5. Our organization is a school, do we qualify?

    Elementary schools are eligible to apply for a grant as long as they fit one of the other 2 criteria identified in Question #3.  As school boards/districts will have a registered charity number, the school qualifies.

  6. Are individual children eligible for a grant?

    No, individual children are not eligible for a grant.  Please review Question #3

  7. Our organization receives funding from the United Way. Do we qualify?

    Yes, organizations that receive funding from the United Way will be considered. However, the United Way is not eligible for funding from GoodLife Kids Foundation.

  8. Do you fund equipment?

    GoodLife Kids Foundation will consider funding equipment only if it is utilized in a specific program.  If equipment is static and does not have a connected program then it is not eligible.

  9. Does GoodLife Kids Foundation have geographic restrictions?

    Currently GoodLife Kids Foundation will consider grant requests from all communities in Canada.

  10. Does GoodLife Kids Foundation have a maximum grant amount?

    Grant requests of up to $10,000 will be considered.  Requests above this amount may be considered from time to time.

  11. My question has not been addressed here.  Who can I contact?

    First please refer to the GoodLife Kids Foundation Grant Program Criteria as your answer may be found there.  For additional questions please call or email:

    Lisa Burrows
    Executive Director, GoodLife Kids Foundation
    519-661-0190 ext 6273

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