Autism Society Ontario Peel Chapter - Ontario, Peel Region

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting Autism Society Ontario – Peel Chapter’s Autism Community Together through Sports (ACCTS) and Karate programs. Serving Missisauga, Brampton and Caledon, Autism Society Ontario – Peel Chapter has a vision of acceptance and opportunities for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The ACCTS Sport Readiness program is based on established ‘Active Start’ and ‘FUNdamentals’ programs that help develop basic movement skills and physical literacy. Ten weeks of activities are led by staff trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis who are able to teach skills to each participant’s abilities incorporating techniques such as role play, visual aids and modelling. The physical skills developed are transferable to other environments including gym class, recess activities and recreational activities in the community.  ACCTS provides a safe and supportive environment where participants learn to be confident in their abilities and how to be a member of a group. GoodLife Kids Foundation is also supporting the Karate program for children with autism to develop motor skills, coordination, communication and self-confidence through martial arts in a small group environment. Both programs are offered at no cost to participants.  


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Planning a trip to the beach this weekend? Active for Life has 21 fun and active beach games to keep the kids busy and smiling. BONUS: They'll also be developing key movement skills and will be pretty much guaranteed to sleep well that night! ☀️🌊⛱️ Ideas and instructions here:

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