The Boys and Girls Club of Dieppe- New Brunswick- Dieppe

The Lakeburn Rocks! program will target at risk youth and latchkey kids ages 12-17 in the Dieppe NB community. The Boys and Girls Club of Dieppe is located in a remote area where there is limited activities for children and youth to do after school or in the summer. Issues of bullying, low literacy rates and school dropout rates as well as criminal activities pose a problem within the community. Lakeburn Rocks! is planning to construct a rock climbing wall in hopes to get children and youth in the area involved in something fun and physically engaging. The wall is expected to be used by 525 club members and 175 community members, improving the lives and life skills of the children and youth of Lakeburn.

 This grant was made possible by the fundraising efforts of Members and Associates of GoodLife Fitness Dieppe. 

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Our #GL4K Coaches are amazing people! Coach Jina and her partner school in Edmonton added a unique twist to their GoodLife4Kids School Program this week - combining their workout with a food drive in support of Edmonton's Food Bank. #community #givingback #fitnessforthefoodbank

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