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GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting Calgary Sledge Hockey Association’s Junior Sledge Hockey Program. From September through April, children with disabilities under the age of 12 will enjoy Saturday sessions honing their hockey skills. The group plays under the moniker Calgary Venom, challenging local able-bodied teams to try their hand in sledges throughout the season and ultimately participating in the annual Western Canada Sledge Hockey Tournament. The program’s vision is to remove barriers to athletic success, develop leaders through sport, and to promote a culture of acceptance, innovation and teamwork. Venom participants have the opportunity to interact with a variety of health experts including nutritionists, yoga instructors and physiotherapists. These lessons give the children the tools they need to engage in a safe and healthy lifestyle. Through sledge hockey, children build confidence, acceptance, and foster friendships in the supportive environment provided by the Calgary Sledge Hockey Association.

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Today we're celebrating the #SummerSolstice and #InternationalYogaDay Yoga is an awesome way to help kids develop important physical and mental skills - and it can be easily adapted for all ages and abilities! For younger children, keep practices short and use stories and familiar animals or objects as cues for them to mimic with their poses. For older kids, try building to some more challenging balancing poses or turn inwards to focus on the stress-relieving benefits of the practice. #activekids #yoga

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