Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta- Calgary

The Cerebral Palsy Association offers the Little Nemos Swimming Program in the Calgary area. This weekly program is open to children aged 3-10 with any disability, not only cerebral palsy. This program begins with basic swimming skills to encourage participants to feel comfortable in the water. Each week the Little Nemos will practice these skills and continue to build on them. The instructor will modify the lesson to accommodate the needs and abilities of each individual and will guide the parents and/or volunteers to work with the participants at their own pace. The ability to move easily and freely in the water is liberating and exciting for these children. With the assistance of the instructor and volunteers, each child is learning the joys of water and laughing with their peers.

Many children living with a disability find it difficult to take part in physical activity. The Little Nemos Swimming Program shows participants that an active lifestyle is for all. Teaching children healthy habits early in life will set them up to have healthy and happy adult lives.

To learn more visit http://www.cpalberta.com/programs/sports-recreation/calgary-class-schedule#swimming

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