Ecole Alvin Buckwold School, Saskatchewan- Saskatoon

The goal of the Fitness Fun Program is to increase the opportunities for students to develop positive attitudes toward active living, gain confidence as skillful movers and to promote personal, social, cultural and environmental growth and appreciation.  Being able to offer students the opportunity to try different sports/activities, learn from other knowledgeable instructors and travel to different facilities across the city will increase the motivation for students to participate.  The long term goal of the program is that students will continue to live an active lifestyle and make it a lifelong practice for themselves and others. 

Fitness Fun will also provide opportunities for students to pass on what they’ve learned to others in the school by creating a personal plan to increase and support someone else’s level of participation in a movement activity (become a recess buddy for a younger student with special needs, lead a group of younger students through a choreographed dance routine learned in physical education class, create and implement a pedometer challenge for family members, do outdoor work with grandparents/elders etc).  

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