Elgin Street Public School, Ontario- Ottawa

elgin street.jpgParents and staff at Elgin Street Public School, in inner city Ottawa, knew that learning to swim was going to be important not only to their students’ physical activity levels but also their water safety. Recent statistics showed that 75% of the population growth in the area was from immigrants, and that  households surrounding the school were also among the most diverse of any large urban centre in Canada. With fewer than half of Canadian children having taken swimming lessons, in addition to the disproportionate at- risk immigrant children, the school has worked with their community to provide students with the fundamentals of swimming.

Student Water Instruction Matters (SWIM) provides the students with free weekly swimming lessons throughout the year. The program serves to enhance recreational opportunities and provide lifesaving swimming training to all 188 students, grades 1 to 6—regardless of socio-economic or cultural status.

The SWIM program is extremely important for these children as it promotes health, well-being and safety, as well as skills that will save lives, prevent water-related injuries and increase awareness of water safety education.

GoodLife Kids Foundation is proud to support this program as it will give all children at Elgin Street Public School the opportunity to engage in a new physical activity which will provide benefits for life.

View photos from Elgin Street Public School below.


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