Hugh Cairns V.C. School- Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting Hugh Cairns V.C. School’s FLS Fitness Fun program. The program will encompass 11 students, ages 11-15, who face various degrees of physical and/or cognitive challenges. The program will allow students to take part in individualized swimming lessons and recreational aquatic activities which will help develop self-confidence, and address motor, sensory and safety needs. The program also incorporates Adapted Dance, gymnastics, Zumba, yoga, rhythmic gymnastics, bowling and wheelchair basketball. The various activities give students the opportunity to develop their motor skills along with communication, self-expression and confidence.

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Do you know of a charity that provides ongoing physical activity programming for children with disabilities? Applications are now open for our next round of grant funding. Eligible Canadian organizations can apply for up to $10,000! UPCOMING DEADLINE: August 25, 2017 Learn More and Apply:

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