Kerry’s Place Autism Services - Ontario, Belleville

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting the My Good Life program at Kerry’s Place Autism Services in Belleville, ON. Kerry’s Place is committed to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder through innovative personalized supports, expertise, collaboration and advocacy. The My Good Life program will run after school for 8 weeks through May and June, introducing students with autism in grades 9-12 to physical activity opportunities in their community. The program is designed to address barriers to exercise that are specific to autism such as communication challenges, emotional vulnerability and sensory aversions. Participants and their families will receive education and exposure to accessible, local, and ideal options for physical activity. 3 hour sessions will incorporate an indoor group fitness component followed by outdoor excursions to various parks and paths for equipment-free exercise like walking, yoga and circuit training. The informed curriculum sets participants up for positive physical activity experiences that can be sustained throughout their lifetime.

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