KidsAbility Centre for Child Development Foundation, Ontario- Waterloo

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting KidsAbility Centre for Child Development Foundation’s DrumFIT program. DrumFIT is for three and four-year-old children with special needs who attend KidsAbility School. This weekly 45 minute program is an excellent source of physical activity. Not only will it help keep the participants physically active, it will help improve communication needs, fine and gross motor skills, emotional needs and cognitive needs. In a fun and fast-paced environment DrumFIT combines music, movement, drumming and learning. Children will work their way through fun lesson plans while learning the benefits of non-competitive exercise. The funds from GoodLife Kids Foundation will ensure that DrumFIT is a sustainable program at KidsAbility School.  

This grant was made possible by the fundraising efforts of Members and Associates at GoodLife Fitness Woodstock Quality Inn and GoodLife Fitness Club Services Department


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We believe that EVERY kid can benefit from a healthy active lifestyle! That's why our Grant Program provides funding for ongoing physical activity opportunities for kids with disabilities. Learn more and apply here: #AccessAbility

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