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The freedom and exhilaration of riding a bike is something that every child should experience. iCan Bike is a specialized program designed to teach children with special needs ages 8 and up how to ride a two-wheeled bike without training wheels. Participants ride adapted bicycles for 75 minutes for 5 days, gradually transitioning to their own two wheeled bike. The ultimate goal of the program is to have all 40 participants riding their own bike independently.

Many children with special needs have difficulties with balance, coordination and motor learning that make learning to ride a regular bicycle a significant challenge. Many of these children are capable of learning to ride; they just need a little extra help. Learning to ride a bike has a positive impact on self-confidence, while enabling a sense of freedom and independence- something these children do not get to experience often enough. Other benefits include greater opportunity for family leisure and social equality with peers in their neighborhood. Many of our clients will not qualify for a driver's license therefore, riding a bike will allow for independent transportation

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This grant was made possible by the fundraising efforts of Cambridge Hespeler GoodLife Fitness staff and members during the 2014 fundraising campaign. 

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