Niagara Support Services - Ontario, Niagara Falls

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting Niagara Support Services’ Children’s Movement Program. Serving children with developmental disabilities, the program focuses on teaching gross and fine motor skills, increasing flexibility and strength, spatial awareness, range of motion, walking patterns, and energy expenditure. Activities are all play-based for maximum engagement from participants with visual cues and schedules to provide structure and predictability. Movement skills are taught through concepts such as body awareness, learning to bounce, walk, lie down, climb, and balance, and are reinforced by home play. Parents are provided with suggestions for activities that will encourage new skills, practice existing skills, and make exercise fun and playful. Funding from GoodLife Kids Foundation will allow the program to grow to two nights per week, doubling their capacity to serve children in the Niagara area.

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Our volunteers were busy this weekend visiting some of our recent grant recipients - check out the great news about the North Stars Hockey expansion in North Bay! Way to go Mariane Guillemette-Wagner and team - your fundraising efforts are making a real #IMPACT in your community 🏒

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