Saskatoon Public Schools - Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting the Physical Literacy Program for Functional Life Skills and Autism Support Students in Saskatoon Public Schools. 60 junior students with moderate to severe cognitive and physical disabilities take part in these two supportive education programs at 6 different schools. The Physical Literacy Program is a new development and will focus on building basic movement skills so that students may safely and joyfully navigate a variety of activities and environments including sport and recreation. Funds from GoodLife Kids Foundation will help to launch this program by providing learning resources for teachers, adapted physical activity equipment, and access to community experts in adapted physical activities such as dance. Exposure to developmentally appropriate activities and the use of specialized equipment will give these students the chance to fully participate in physical activity programs in school, many for the first time. 

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When kids are outside they move more, sit less, and play longer. Tell them it's ok to get wet, dirty, and messy! #springtime #activekids

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