St. Catherine Community School, Saskatchewan- Regina

Saskatchewan students received a failing grade for their overall physical wellness in the Active Healthy Kids Canada annual report card. Inspired by Hugh Cairns VC School's Teacher Daryl Lesyshyn, Teacher Lee Garinger aims to make St. Catherine Community School's student part of the solution.

With assistance from GoodLife Kids Foundation, 250 students in grades K – 8, and students with special needs, will have an opportunity to experience a greater variety of instruction in their physical education program. Offering students the opportunity to learn new skills and learn from different instructors will provide students with an enriched experience beyond what is required by the curricular. This grant will also allow the creation and introduction of a sport library where students can sign out equipment and activity kits

Both of these initiatives will allow the students to develop not only better physical skills but social, emotional and personal skills as well. The program will instill an attitude that physical wellness is a lifelong journey to be enjoyed. By showing at school that being active can be fun, entertaining and creative, the students can take what they have learned in class to their families and share with them how to be physically active for life.

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