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Algoma_District_School_Board_Cheque_Presentation.jpgThe Brain Boosters program is a new initiative that will take place across 10 pilot schools and potentially every classroom in the Algoma District School Board (ADSB). Five minute long exercise routines available on DVD will be implemented in K-6 classes. Each Brain Booster session contains 12 unique workouts that kids can follow safely in the comfort of their own classroom.

The workouts include stretching and relaxation, endurance training and strength conditioning. Teachers have the ability to access the DVDs at any time during the course of a school day. With the simple push of a button, students are out of their seats; stretching, reaching, squatting and smiling.

Schools are not meeting the daily minimum standard of 60 minutes of physical activity. By Implementing Brain Boosters throughout the teaching day, students can move closer to the 60 minute goal, five minutes at a time. These short exercise boosts aim to improve the physical health, mental awareness and educational success of children. 

Davey Taylor, a GoodLife Fitness Member who nominated the program says, “Brain Boosters gives kids an opportunity to move at any time during class to improve energy, alertness, engagement and fun. We know students sit for too long and teachers need a structured engaging tool to wake their kids up physically and emotionally.” He continues, “Our goal is to create our own Canadian version of the DVDs to be utilized Board-wide. The ultimate goal is to empower school boards across the nation to create Canadian versions for the Brain Break DVDs to share and get all kids across the country out of their seats and moving!”

ADSB has a goal to collaborate with community partners and create their own 12 session DVD set with a Northern Ontario flair. The hope is that the idea will inspire other school boards to join the movement and create their own unique, spirited versions. Funds from Win 4 Kids will ensure that Brain Boosters is available for each ADSB classroom, as well as provide the opportunity to create their own unique brain break series.   


“We need to get kids moving throughout the day. It’s that simple! The beauty of Brain Boosters is the fact that kids are out of their seats during any subject, feeling energized, happy and ready to learn.”

- Mr. T, teacher 


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