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Bridgeway_Academy_-_8000_winner.jpgThe students of Bridgeway Academy who have learning disabilities such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will benefit from the Active Chill Time program.

Active Chill Time allows over 100 students, ages 7-17 to excel at physical fitness. Students who have difficulty concentrating or learning in school can find a quiet spot to regroup and gather their thoughts, allowing them to refocus on learning when they return to class.

The program will implement more active “chill time” for students with ADHD. Funds from Win 4 Kids will go towards creating a space and the equipment to work out, helping eliminate any distractions from learning in the classroom. A stationary bike or elliptical machine in each classroom would be made available to students on an as needs basis. This same equipment would also be available at lunch and recess and before and after school.

Sue Blanchard, a GoodLife Fitness Member who nominated Bridgeway explains, “Bridgeway does not have funding for physical education equipment but do have gym classes. I think these kids deserve the grant because they have to work harder than most to learn. Every day is a struggle and they deserve to have a proper gym class. It would also help them focus by burning energy.”

Bridgeway will also provide basketball and hockey equipment for the students to play with before school, recess and lunch. A designated fitness room with free weights, a universal gym and a punching bag will also be available during designated times. 

Providing an outlet for aerobic activity, students will realize they can regulate their mood and attention through exercise. The brand new program will help build the self-confidence and self-esteem in the students and provide them the opportunities to realize their full potential. 


I’ve always struggled with what it means to truly teach and how to “Be the change you want to see in the World”. Bridgeway Academy has given that to me. I understand that to teach means to be present with our children; we must listen to their voices, read their faces and be with them always. Learning does not come from a textbook, or a teacher. Learning begins with the child and grows with the support and attention of a teacher.  Bridgeway Academy staff and students are constantly thinking outside the box to provide an environment and education that best meets the needs of our students. Having an Active Chill Time will make that environment that much more supportive in helping our students reach success that much sooner. 

- Erin, Teacher 


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