Win 4 Kids Finalist: Caledonia Middle School

$5,000 Winner


Caledonia Middle School is located in the rural village of Hillsborough, NB and houses 165 students ranging from ages 9-14. In rural New Brunswick it has proven a challenge to engage students in healthy, active living. This program will combat the statistics, teaching the youth the benefit of physical activity. 

Project P.O.W.E.R.S promotes healthy active living and provides all students the experience to be exposed to a variety of activities. The activities offered include yoga, Nordic hiking, ultimate Frisbee, disc golf and many more. The program will offer activities during lunch and after school so the students have the opportunity to be active approximately 135-150 minutes per day. Weekly, this adds up to 10-11 hours of activity.

By giving students the opportunity to partake in unconventional activity they will personalize their learning by researching, self-assessing and determining personal preferences for engaging in lifelong physical activity. The program will encourage through innovative and alternative ways that have not been attempted in the past.

By June 2016 100 per cent of the student population at Caledonia Middle School will be exposed to each of the activities offered to better make choices about their wellness empowerment.

The funds from Win 4 Kids would go to purchasing new equipment to support the program and to provide transportation to the various activities.


Living in rural Albert County, it is sometimes difficult for our youth to participate in variety of activities due to transportation, facility and program availability.  The goal of Project P.O.W.E.R.S is to promote healthy, active living for life.  Our Leadership team is committed to working with our students and staff to discover and promote activities which foster wellness and fitness. The opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, will enable the youth of our school to be Fit for the Future. Our vision is a transformation from Generation Z to Generation Fit.  
Mrs. Godfrey – Principal


I see big-time benefits. I look forward to the activities.  I can concentrate more in my afternoon classes after working out.   The noon activities have helped me set goals and I am a stronger person. I feel better about myself and have encouraged my friends to work out with me.
Colson - Student



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