Win 4 Kids Finalist: Canada Scores Vancouver

$8,000 Winner

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Canada SCORES Vancouver is a non-profit youth development organization that inspires urban youth to lead healthy lives. They provide complimentary soccer and literacy after-school programs for elementary school children. The program provides mentorship for the students to enrich and empower their lives by using fitness and team sport engagement.

Students between the ages of 8-11 are referred by school staff and encouraged to join the teams. Priorities for participation are given to children who would not normally be able to participate in outside sports or activities for financial or family reasons. The program is entirely free to participants and all necessary soccer equipment is provided.

Through the activities the students will improve their social skills, learn leadership and commitment skills, learn how to be part of a team and have fun all while staying active. Throughout the entire school year, teams spend 2 to 3 days per week of their time on the soccer field. As part of the program, teams participate in game days, where friends, families and supporters are invited to attend.

At the end of the fall and spring seasons, a soccer jamboree will take place, where teams from each city will come together to play.  The goal is not only to provide a safe environment but to give youth a foundation to succeed at life.

The funds from Win 4 Kids will be used toward programming expenses such as coach costs, program supplies and program events.  


"My son was chosen to participate in this program. We didn't know what to expect, and initially, he wasn't happy that he'd have to play soccer, a sport he wasn't really into. He asked if he could quit in the first week, because he liked the poetry but not the soccer. He persevered though, stuck it out, and now has developed a love for soccer as well as poetry! This program has done so much for his self-esteem. He had a few rough days, here and there, where he felt overwhelmed, but seeing him perform his poem at the poetry slam really showed just how far he's come. Thank you, Canada Scores. You really did make a difference in my son's life, and he'll never forget any of you."
Hazel, parent




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