Win 4 Kids Finalist: Cormack Recreation Commission

$12,000 Winner 

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The Town of Cormack, Newfoundland is a small agricultural community home to a population of approximately 600 residents that lies an hour from Corner Brook. Despite the lack of a sports facility or school in the community, the Recreation Commission has come together to build up local programs for children and youth up to the age of 14. Over the past four years, a small scale multi-purpose outdoor sports field, track, asphalt court, playground and garden have been built at the Community Centre.

Children taking part in Cormack’s recreation programs are kept active with a combination of introductory sport activities and unstructured play. Programming is offered year-round and is a true community effort, supported by student and parent volunteers. In addition to the physical benefits of being active, Cormack’s Recreation Commission also acknowledges the power of physical activity to bring people together and build a sense of belonging that supports social and mental health.

Cormack Recreation Commission’s programs are inclusive to all abilities and follow the High Five principles of Healthy Child Development. They also feature health promotion aspects in partnership with regional health care specialists making presentations on social issues and healthy living in conjunction with recreational programming. Overall, children and youth taking part in Cormack’s recreation programs gain new knowledge and skills that will enable them to build healthy active lifestyles all while experiencing the joys of play in their local community.

The funds from Win 4 Kids would go towards many initiatives supporting program growth including engaging lower income and at risk youth in programming, offsetting transportation costs, hosting invitational fun sport days with surrounding communities, purchasing new equipment to introduce children to a variety of sports and movement skills, and assisting with volunteer training.


"I love this program because when I was younger and growing up in Cormack the activities and programs were limited, whereas now they are not. The programs have helped me discover the passion that I have for volunteerism. The organization encourages children of all backgrounds to come enjoy what our small town has to offer and to have fun. The programs they offer positively impacts our whole town, and has the power to change the lives of many individuals and families."



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