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Hugh_Cairns_School_Photo-_600px.jpgExpanding and enriching the physical education program for students in kindergarten to grade 6 is the goal of Hugh Cairns V.C. School in Saskatoon.

Teacher Daryl Lesyshyn introduced Fun Fit Fridays to give students a chance to try fitness activities like yoga or spin classes, and hear about wellness subjects most had never heard of before.

“Fun Fit Fridays is intended to provide something to inspire each student to continue a physically active lifestyle. By trying new things, our students are developing not only better physical skills but social, emotional and personal skills as well. This is especially valuable for the students in the Functioning Life Skills class, who have various degrees of physical and cognitive challenges. The program instils an attitude that physical wellness is a lifelong journey to be enjoyed,” said Lesyshyn.

Community partnerships allow students to try new activities such as yoga, wheelchair basketball, gymnastics, wrestling and dance.  Students also learn more about nutrition and how to prepare healthy snacks. The goal is for each student to find an activity they love and would like to do again.

The school has offered Fun Fit Fridays at other grade levels, with strong results. The program helps build a “family” atmosphere at the school that makes learning fun and creates lasting friendships.  It also echoes the school’s physical education motto: Making our hearts happy.

“By showing at school that being active can be fun, entertaining and creative, the students can take what they have learned in class to their families and share with them how to be physically active for life,” Lesyshyn added.

Additional funding for Fun Fit Fridays would be used to support more school-wide activities, including special wellness events where students learn from health experts and take part in fitness activities within the community. Funding will enable the school to reach more students and provide new experiences that encourage them to embrace physical activity.

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