Win 4 Kids Finalist: Recreation Outreach Centre (ROC)

$12,000 Winner

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Club ROC’s KIDS IN MOTION provides mentorship and opportunities in physical activity, recreation, social and skills development. Engaging in fun activities and exposing children to new experiences, Kids In Motion promotes self-esteem, supports academic achievement and promotes positive healthy choices. The program is hosted in Prince Edward County and is offered to all boys and girls, particularly benefitting those less advantaged or at risk.

The average median after-tax household income in Prince Edward County is 10% lower than the provincial average. Moreover, 40% of children attending clubROC live in single parent households that often face additional challenges in providing enrichment activities for their children. With new opportunities offered each week with consistent mentoring from caring adults, the participants have the potential to thrive and excel in life. Kids In Motion offers a wide variety of activities such as martial arts, fitness hikes, skating, bowling, curling, snowshoeing, and more traditional sports development. The program is offered at no cost to participants and provides transportation to and from activities, ensuring every young person can attend regardless of their family’s financial or transportation barriers.-

Primary outcomes of the Kids In Motion program include:

  • Participants experience an increase in physical activity and reduced sedentary living
  • Participants improve fitness, self-esteem and self-worth
  • Participants learn about healthy lifestyles and experience mentoring with positive adult role models

Funds from Win 4 Kids will provide more physical activity field trips and unique opportunities for sport and fitness instruction to this group of vulnerable young people.


“When the Kids in Motion project started, it was very evident that the girls at the program did not consider themselves good at sports and physical activity and made it very clear that they weren’t that interested in learning.  It did not take long to realize that many of these girls had never had an adult female to role model what it meant to be confident and athletic, to show them being a good athlete was not something that was defined by gender. Having a female program facilitator was very effective in positively engaging our female participants in physical activity. Our greatest success story for Kids in Motion was the creation of our all girls volleyball team. Several of our girls had never even played the sport, let alone participated on a team. An all girls environment with supportive and empowering coaching was all that was needed to propel the girls from timid sideline participants to an engaged, confident and spirited team of 12 and 13 year old girls.”

Sarah W., Youth Coach


"The ROC program has been an amazing experience for both my sister and I. We've both built amazing relationships with adults and our peers which we know will be forever lasting! The Kids in Motion program provided by clubROC gave us the opportunity to participate in recreational sports which we may have not been able to otherwise, because the ROC is free of charge. We have been skating, swimming, snowshoeing and learned martial arts. In the summer we went on a hiking and camping overnight trip that was incredible. This is just one of the many great opportunities that ROC has provided for us. We are thrilled to continue our participation with clubROC as junior youth leaders for years to come :)"

Holli and Hailey, twin sisters, participants since 2011

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