Win 4 Kids Finalist: Yorkview Public School

$12,000 Winner


Yorkview Public School, located in North York, educates students from JK-Grade 5. The community is culturally diverse, with students representing 59 different countries from around the world. Many of the students have had little or no opportunities to experience the benefits of extra circular physical activities due to cost and access to programs.

Yorkview Outdoor Play Enrichment Program was created to provide students the opportunity for free play and physical activity. The program entails various games including Frisbee, football, road hockey, tennis, and many more organized activities. The program will be led by Grade 5 students, who will teach the younger students how to use the equipment and play by the rules. Once trained, all 500 students will have opportunities to rotate through games during recess and outdoor lunch time. This new program will provide the students up to 300 minutes per week to play co-operatively and inclusively with equipment that is foreign to them.

Through the program the students will develop leadership skills, be physically active, learn the value of playing fairly and have fun. Families will be encouraged to borrow equipment during weekends so the students can continue playing, getting physical activity and being active together as a family.

The funds from Win 4 Kids would ensure the play equipment would be purchased, making the program fully functional and allowing the students to reap the benefits of physical activity.


Hi, my name is Jaya. I am 8.  I think you should vote for Yorkview Public School.  It is a really fun place. We can have more fun playing together and trying new things.  I will share the new equipment.  I might not know how to play.  I will try my best.
Jaya, student

I am a parent and my two kids are in Grade 3 and Kindergarten at Yorkview Public School.  Yorkview is a warm and diverse school that teaches both French and English. The play structure at Yorkview Public School is currently closed and fenced off to children due to extensive disrepair that cannot be fixed. The loss of this play structure has affected children who attend the school and live in the surrounding neighbourhoodThe Yorkview Outdoor Play Enrichment Program is important to bring the kids together and get active.  It also gives a chance for the kids to try something new and work together in a time that is particularly challenging for Yorkview kids to be active outdoors.  Please support the importance of play for Yorkview kids, and vote for our Program.  We are thrilled to have been selected and thankful for giving our kids a chance to get moving! 

Anu, parent




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