Youth Assisting Youth - Ontario, North York

GoodLife Kids Foundation is supporting Youth Assisting Youth (YAY)’s Fit for Life Program. This program is run by a volunteer community-based mentoring organization that is committed to promoting healthy growth and development of young people, strengthening families and responding to and supporting changing community needs. YAY conducts targeted, strategic outreach and promotion within the 13 high priority neighborhoods of Toronto, as well as other high density, newcomer communities. The proposed program is a partnership with the Toronto Police Service, and will provide structured bi-monthly physical activity/recreational events to at-risk and newcomer youth, ages six-15, residing in North York and neighbouring communities. Events will focus on a specific sport or recreational activity, teaching youth introductory skills and teamwork.

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We believe that EVERY kid can benefit from a healthy active lifestyle! That's why our Grant Program provides funding for ongoing physical activity opportunities for kids with disabilities. Learn more and apply here: #AccessAbility

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